This list contains all the scenes of King Kong that were cut from the theatrical version of the film, but were not put back into the Extended Edition. They are included however, in the first disc of the film's extended version as part of the deleted material, including over 38 minutes.

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Preston Shows Ann Her CabinEdit

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As soon as they get on board the Venture in New York there was a little scene of Preston showing Ann her cabin that we ultimately felt we just didn't the scene in terms of telling the story of the film. So it was taken out mainly for pacing reasons.


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How A Man DiesEdit

Introduction with Peter JacksonEdit

The scene in the hold where Jimmy's character is introduced was actually two scenes that we shot which ultimately in the movie we blended into one scene. And so, this is one of the scenes in its original form. You'll be able to see we use pieces from it in the finished film but this is the full-length version of the scene which plays somewhat differently to how it does in the finished movie.


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