Taps was a Vaudeville actor who worked in a theater in New York along with his brother in 1933.


In 1933, Taps and his brother had performed a tap dancing act. After the show, he examined a copy of Isolation by the famous screenwriter Jack Driscoll from fellow actress Ann Darrow when the others were talking about the theater's problem with fiancials.

The next morning, Taps and his brother lost their jobs after the theater closed along with many others despite not being paid in two weeks.

It is unknown what became of him or his brother after the death of Vaudeville.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Taps was portrayed by David Denis in Peter Jackson's 2005 remake of King Kong. In the end credits, David was misspelled as "David Dennis", and his brother Hilton was listed as the first of the thirteen credited "Vaudeville Acts".
  • In the film, in the scene where he tells Manny the name of the writer of the play Isolation, Ann corrects him of Driscoll's last name. In the script, Taps says the name correctly, so it is possible that the correction Ann gave him was improvised.


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